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Meet PowerHub. Your Lithium platform is the result of tens of thousands of hours of work. Meet the team that brought it to life.

Etienne Lecompte

Founder and CEO

Reshma Mathew

Development Team Lead

Aaron Peters

Founder and COO

Mary Evenou

Product Designer

Stuart Hurst

Director of Customer Success

Victoria Whang

Product Designer

Yohan Moore

Director of Application Development

Darcy Brooks

Marketing Lead

James Pagonis

Director of Product

Tina Markovski

Office Manager

Justine Jobo Tolento

Full Stack Developer/Technical Lead

Megan Reader

Customer Success Lead

John Espino

Director of Business Development

Alexandra Loureiro

Customer Success Lead

Pavel Koryakin

Full Stack Developer

Valeriya Botova

Customer Success Lead

Meisam Mofidi

Senior Software Developer

Jessica Lee

Front End Developer

Aditya Bhardwaj

Business Analyst

Mozhgan Javadi

Report Developer

Gokul Metta

Customer Success Lead

Aida Kazimi

Full Stack Developer

Joban Sidhu

Lead Business Analyst

Naureen Pethani

Business Intelligence Analyst

Soma Jankovics-Eros

Full Stack Developer

Sneha Moorthy

Business Analyst

Alex Topper

Customer Success Specialist

Anju Susan Abraham

QA Analyst

Milos Agbaba

Customer Success Specialist

Mickey Dhami

Full Stack Software Engineer

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