Manage all project activity on one platform

PowerHub provides a comprehensive platform to manage all of your project needs. No more enormous spreadsheets of information, untidy post-it notes, lost documents and complex filling structures. PowerHub provides streamlined asset management. With PowerHub you can centralize your information and work flows so that your entire team is on point every step of the way.

Powerhub Task Management

Assign and manage tasks

Through PowerHub you can assign tasks to your team and monitor progress as tasks are completed.  You’ll always know who’s responsible for what and how tasks are coming along.  You can:

  • Create and assign tasks

  • Build recurring events

  • Track tasks to see when they are completed

  • Identify overdue tasks or team members who need support completing their tasks

Engage with sub-contractors and stakeholders

Collaborate easily with your sub-contractors and other project stakeholders.  Assign tasks and monitor their progress. PowerHub is equipped with robust security and access policies you control so that sub-contractors and stakeholders only access the portions of your projects that are relevant to them.

Powerhub Sub Contractor

Powerhub KPI Dashboard

Focus on what matters

Make informed decisions with your dashboard. Use information such as performance data, project costs, upcoming tasks and assignments, and project contacts to make meaningful decisions:

  • Assess whether your project is performing as expected

  • Determine whether project costs are under control

  • Evaluate whether a sub-contractor is completing tasks on time

  • Contact stakeholders who need to be informed about an issue or challenge