PowerHub is ready to go when you are

Our team is here to give you a head start. We’ll help you onboard your projects onto PowerHub, give you the training and guidance you need. We help you integrate PowerHub with your existing software solutions. Our approach means that you can get rolling in very little time. Once we complete the initial setup phase, you’ll be ready to go.

The head start you need

We’ll onboard your projects onto PowerHub so that when you go live, you’re off to the races.  We’ll upload, organize and catalogue documentation; review your key project documents and contracts to identify milestones, obligations, and tasks; work with your data providers to integrate data feeds and import data; and create a directory of users who will access your projects.  When we’re done with onboarding, you’re ready to run with your projects.

Powerhub Onboarding Templates

Powerhub Asset Management Customization

Customize PowerHub to suit your needs

PowerHub allows you to customize your experience.  We offer a wide variety of templates and setting options to suit your needs.  Once you find an approach that works for one of your projects, you can easily replicate that approach for all of the projects in your portfolio.  In this way, you’ll get PowerHub working for you in a way that suits your needs and tendencies.

Integrate PowerHub with other software solutions

We know that PowerHub won’t be your only software solution.  You’ll have data service providers, project monitoring software, and other platforms.  PowerHub has been designed to interact and integrate with a wide variety of software products to ensure that you can share information and data across platforms.

Software Integration

Customer Success

We’re always in your corner

Our Customer Success team is available to help you to take your first steps. In case you have further questions, we are available to support.  Access instructional videos and tutorials, our chat forum or submit a ticket to our help desk.  We’re always a call or click away.