Manage your projects’ financial performance

Manage the financial aspects of your project from tracking generation to issuing invoices. Monitor the electricity generation performance of your projects. Issue invoices to utilities and off-takers. Collect financial data for running budgets and financial statements. Create financial reports for stakeholders.

Automate invoice generation

Simplify your invoicing processes and get paid faster. Use the data collected in PowerHub to generate invoices automatically or manually.  Notify off-takers when invoices are ready and track payments so you can identify immediately when they are overdue.

Create and issue financial reports

PowerHub allows you to customize and automate your reports.  Design templates for your reports that meet your project needs.  Create reports to show whether you are on target to meet your debt service coverage ratios or where cash available for distributions on a portfolio is going to be by the end of the quarter.  We can help you build the reports you need to stay ahead of the curve and keep your stakeholders informed.

Validate and reconcile invoices in a few clicks

Want to validate if you got paid the right amount? Shadow billing reports allow you to validate if you have been paid correctly.

Powerhub Financial management