Seamlessly find relevant information

PowerHub provides a platform for you to manage all of your project documentation, data and information. Never again wonder where your team keeps as-built drawings, project level contracts or project permits and plans. They’ll all be in PowerHub, catalogued in a user-friendly and intuitive way for ease of access.

Catalogue documentation intuitively

Store all your project documentation in one place.  Make your documentation accessible to your team and all your project stakeholders. “Tag” your documents with keywords such as "legal", "financial" and "permit" so you can access them easily.  With PowerHub you’ll never struggle for hours trying to find a document that eludes you.

Powerhub Document Storage

Powerhub Information Sharing

Share project information and documentation

All of your information and documentation is stored safely and securely in the cloud through PowerHub.  So sharing is easy.  Email documents or share documents in a click through PowerHub.

Import project data automatically

PowerHub is designed to integrate data from a variety of sources.  Set up an automated link between PowerHub’s API and your various data streams and providers so that project data will be imported on a regular basis.  Once imported, view your data to get a snapshot of your project or to create reports.

Powerhub Import Data Image

Unlimited Data Sign

Store unlimited data

With PowerHub's virtually unlimited storage, you can maintain all your documentation, information and data in one place and never worry about running out of space. We will never permanently delete or compress your data without your explicit request.