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PowerHub is a simple, cloud-based asset management solution designed by and for renewable energy professionals. By intelligently centralizing project information, PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities and insights that have the potential to transform your business.

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Project Management

Keep track of key project details, manage tasks and workflows, and monitor the key performance information of your projects. Customize your process.

Financial Management

Easily track performance and automatically generate invoices. Send invoices through PowerHub to counterparties and receive payment.

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Content Management

Find information and documents easily with catalogues. Enjoy a virtually unlimited capacity for storage of documentation and data.

Plug and Play

Launching a project on PowerHub is simple. Our customer success team helps you onboard your projects onto the platform and provides training and guidance to make sure you know your way around.

Compliance Management

Manage complex compliance programs with pre-configured NERC procedures which you can customize to fit your organization.

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Consulting & Advisory

4 GW+

Software Platform



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