Introducing Lithium - Raising the Bar

PowerHub is a simple, infinitely customizable cloud-based asset management solution designed by and for renewable energy professionals. By intelligently centralizing project information, PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities and insights that have the potential to transform your business.

Centralized information is power

All your tasks, data and documents in one place

Find anything in seconds

Virtually unlimited storage

Bank-level security

We help to ensure your information is set up optimally. Your way.

PowerHub Manage Projects

Automation you can rely on

Easily automate invoices

Automate any report

Workflows that put you in control


The most powerful dashboard in the industry

Make more informed decisions

Easily track performance

Monitor project costs

Evaluate whether a sub-contractor is completing tasks on-time

Customize workflows and templates

Contact stakeholders that need to be informed about an issue

PowerHub Tasks

Reports that people will want to read

Have us build you customized reports that make the most sense for you and your team

Customize reports so they show exactly the information you need

Create reports that show whether you are on target

Automate reports to ensure decision makers are kept informed


Endless flexibility

Organize your projects how you want

Link everything together

Pick the features you need

Customize fields, reports, approaches

PowerHub Project Information

Powerful financial management

Use shadow billing reports to validate that you've been correctly paid

Automatically generate customized invoices

Track project finances and analyze budgets

Upload your full general ledger

Track payments to identify when they are overdue

Notify off-takers when invoices are ready

Run reports that reveal your portfolio's performance

PowerHub Improve Transparency

One Team. One Playbook.

Ensure security and discretion with advanced security settings and privacy tags

Identify overdue tasks and team members who need support

Monitor task progress

Create and assign tasks to your team

Never miss a deadline

Package and share data for internal team members, consultants, lenders or partners

PowerHub Collaborate Effectively

Best-in-class service, every step of the way

We lead the entire on-boarding process so that you’re completely comfortable on the PowerHub platform.

We help migrate all relevant data and documentation, and work with your APIs to ensure all feeds are seamlessly integrated.

Once you’re set up, our Customer Success Team is available to provide training and guidance when you need it.

Custom Development

The PowerHub platform is continually evolving to remain on the leading edge. But if you have a specific enhancement or customization in mind, we can probably make it happen. We are deeply committed to developing the platform in concert with the needs of our customers, and our talented team is equipped to do just that. So just ask.

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